Double Reverse Chain Bar?

Have anyone ever tried out a double reverse chain bar before instead of a DR4B or DR6B? Are there any stability issues? Pros and cons? I’m thinking of having a super lightweight arm for this season but I want to check if anyone ever tried it before.

From experience at the very start of skyrise, I build one using chain and although it could’ve been to do with not knowing exactly what we were doing (first time with a RD4B), we had a big issue with chain skipping due to the amount of weight on the top stage. This may not be so much an issue in this game when you only have to carry 118g at a time, but you can get real lightweight RD4B’s with mechanical linkages rather than chain and imo mechanical linkage is way better than chain :slight_smile:

Alright thanks for your shared experience! I’ll take it under my consideration when prototyping!

This was my skyrise design, with a chain lift. It worked well for me.IMG_0420.JPG

That’s not a chain bar. This is: