Double reverse four thirds kiwi rocker bogie mecanum swerve drive

Ok so, a couple things out of the way:

A four thirds kiwi drive is a really bad x drive

So what if there was a drive base with mecanum wheels on swerve modules on bogie rockers on each side, and the 2 halves of the drive base were separated by a dr4b, like @Taran’s take on the bendy drive, but with a dr4b?


Oh lord what have I brought onto this forsaken land?


Judges award intensifies


We are now hitting levels of innovation that don’t even exist

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If you had a qr8b instead of a dr4b it would be even more op.


Serious response incoming!

Personally I don’t really think kiwi drives are necessary in most scenarios (within VRC/VEXU, anyways; I understand kiwi drives are somewhat viable in VIQ). Needing five motors for mechanisms sounds somewhat excessive, and building a kiwi drive also forces you to deal with unusual angles near your wheel bases.

Someone did build a DR4B drive train at some point - if anyone here has a picture feel free to share it (It may also be hiding somewhere on the forum or discord).

Mecanum swerve modules might be a tad excessive and possibly redundant. Using mecanum wheels in a swerve pod might cause a few problems when strafing due to how mecanums function in pairs - a swerve drive might pair the mecanums in the incorrect orientation.

I remember seeing someone use bogie rockers (it might’ve been in VexU) to climb the platforms in Turning Point. So I guess they would’ve been viable then, but aren’t really necessary now.

On a non-serious note - Bogie rocker x drives, anyone? Absolutely unnecessary but it’d look pretty cool.


Found it! kinda