I’m just making this thread for public opinion.

let’s say that a robot has a mini-robot attached to it by vex string, wired to the microcontroler on the main robot. The mini robot can fit on the main robot within 18 x 18 x 18, and is controlled by a partner joystick. the mini-robot doesn’t have any microcontroler or “brain” of any kind on it, and remains connected to the main bot. It uses two motors, for the wheels. The mini-bot can push cubes around and bring them to the larger robots. It can only go about 6 feet from the main robot before the string is tight, so that it lowers the possibility of “trapping.” What do all of you vex-builders out there think?

You would have to back the wire and string with metal or polycarbonate or else it would be a risk of entanglement. There have been other robots like this recently, specifically Apophis and OYES’s Master and Puppet. (They’re both here on the forums in Robot Showcase)

You can see that here:

Hey, they made a special section of the Vex referee training video just for you! :stuck_out_tongue:

You can try to do this, but be very careful of entanglement rulings.

This is about the right spot for it…

So, a mini bot would be legal if I had the extensions as seen on apophis. I see that now. Thanks!