Double Sided Hex Socket Couplers

Instead of the standard one side hex socket, both sides have the hex socket so in case you lose the coupler in a threaded beam you can easily remove it without wasting two metal parts.

What are you talking about? The open ended wrench? If you are then you shouldn’t be killing the threaded beam.

You would have to work pretty hard to get a coupler stuck in a standoff so that you couldn’t screw it out again or grab it with a pair of needle nose pliers. The only couples that I have seen stuck in standoffs had munched threads so it tore up the aluminum threads of the standoff.

I have also seen set screw backwards in collars, which are pretty hard to remove.

Our team just got a coupler or two stuck in a thread beam and we can’t get them out since the other side of the coupler is so smooth >,< I don’t know how in the world he got in stuck in there, but his magic… And so I was wonder why didn’t both sides have the hex sockets. :stuck_out_tongue: We are really new at this.

I’ve heard that sticking a small piece of gum (or other sticky material) on the end of a 5/64" hex wrench helps remove inverted collar set screws - it might be worth a try.

254 also has its share of “magical” students…

If the gum method doesn’t work for you, you can try cutting a slit in the end of the coupler (if the end isn’t too small) and unscrewing it with a flat blade screw driver.