Double vertical lift?

Hi! I’ve been wanting to build a lift that reaches up to the 30 inch goals. The traditional rack and pinion is simply not long enough (and if I connect them, they’re over 18 inches :/). Someone told me about a “double vertical lift”, but gave me no details. Could I have some help or a picture about how this would work? I think I saw one of those on a youtube video and it had chain and sprockets. Thanks!

Well, you could do something like this:

Here’s a link to several other ways to reach the 30" goals:

well there is many ways to do this i could email u pictures of mine if u would like:)

That’d be great! email me at thanks

i emailed u

Be careful posting your email address like that, it’s likely to get scraped and added to spam lists. Some people get around this by typing it in a non-machine readable format like “blahblah (at) hotmail (period) com” but it’s easiest just to send a personal message.

I know that, lol this is an email I don’t use very much :stuck_out_tongue: