Double zoning

I was just wondering what other teams are thinking about the “double-zoning” rule in terms of whether or not any teams are going to ever make the mistake of leaving their side undefended and if that could be a valid strategy.

Seems like it could become a difficult ref call if someone was intent on trying to defend/double zone effectively. To me it makes more sense to have one bot collect the game elements and get them to their alliance to score.

Looks like the game will divide into about 4 steps…
1: get all the thingies (whatever we call them) to your side
2: cram thingies into goal zones
3: get the remaining thingies off your side
4: climbing

It’s likely that in the event of the other alliance double zoning, the collector robot would descore the opposing goal.

Obviously there will be a lot happening at once but expansion rules could really influence clearing your side, playing defense, and collecting and scoring/descoring a lot so that’s what I’m most interested in for the manual… That and whatever tiny rule the gdc incorporates or forgets that they don’t think will affect the game and then turns out to be the most important strategy and makes the whole game a joke (I’m looking at you string)

I think there will be a feeder robot that picks up triballs from loading zones and gives it to the offensive robot. No team would make the mistake of leaving their side unguarded. High level teams will have a mechanism to unscore everything at once in matter of seconds and double zoning could be a brutal mistake.

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Might be a good strategy if leaving two robots on one side for a short time period like one second to get your alliance robot unstuck or move some of the “acorns” if you know the other alliance can’t remove any of your acorns in that time period, but the game manual will probably give exact details.

Maybe double-zoning at the start of driver control to take a handful of tricubes before coming back and then only having one robot cross to the other side at a time? I’m not really sure how it would work in practice or whether it would be effective.

I don’t think we will. Other teams might but it seems pointless to us. You can easily play the offensive by stealing triballs from their side and dropping them over the barrier.

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