Downgrading firmware for cortex and controller from 2.0 VEX Net keys to 1.0

Hello there,

I need to downgrade my controller and cortex from the VEX Net 2.0 keys to the 1.0 keys… However when I use the VEX Net 1.0 keys in the cortex and controller, a red light flashes on both the cortex and controller and I assume that this is because of an incorrect firmware…

If your running the latest version of easyC then you shouldn’t have a problem with either key.

Goto: help check for updates.
Then goto: Tools and Vexnet firmware updater.

Yeah, I have updated both the Cortex and Controller and still the controller is flashing one red light on the VEXnet button.

Re-Flash your master code, goto Tool -> VexNet Firmware Upgrade.