Download code not working

I use the plastic wires (The ones that we use to connect to the motor and the brain) to connect the brain to the controller, and use those small flat ones (that go into the bottom of the controller right underneath the back button) to USB A, and the USB A is connected to my computer. However, the download button isnt showing up, and it was showing just a few minutes ago. im not exactly sure whats going on, so can someone help with troubleshooting

As far as I know, you can not download to the brain through the controller if the controller is connected to the brain with wire. You need to either plug your micro USB cable into the brain directly, or connect your controller to your brain with a V5 Robot Radio.

Sounds like an imperfect connection. While I do not know if @BennyBoy is right or not, my team has run into this issue before (albeit with a radio). Try replacing your cord, using a different usb port, plugging into the brain instead, etc. If those don’t work, restart vexcode and the robot. This is likely a wire/port issue, but a restart should fix any issues besides that.


Sure you can.