Download Complete - 7975F December Reveal

7975F is happy to present our latest robot. A full reveal video will be on youtube in about 24 hours and I will post a link to it then.

Motor Breakdown:

6 motor torque (to be changed to speed) drive
2 motor torque 1:5 DR4B
2 motor speed 1:3 chain bar

Pneumatic mobile goal intake
Pneumatic cone claw

The rest will be revealed tomorrow but for now:

I like your wire management run up the DR4B.

Thanks it’s great stuff, unless you have to replace a broken wire.

What did you use to wrap around the wires?

Searching Amazon or eBay for “cable tidy” should come up with some results. It looks like a spiral of plastic and you wrap it around the wires bundling them together and protecting them from damage.

We’re using some 20x10mm cable track on our robot. Looks great but is an absolute nightmare to run.

Ok it is now actually December and the full reveal is ready.

I hope you all enjoy

Can you guys get in the 20 point zone?

Unfortunately not but its something we will work on for the next bot to be revealed in January.

you could just make the claw a single motor and gear it torque 1:1 and have 1 motor on your mogo intake to push the mogo out if ur planning on keeping this bot for a while. cuz ur gonna want to be able to score in 20.

That wouldn’t work, because they are using pneumatics on their claw and have maxed out their 10 motors. However, they could use another piston and use it to expel the goal into the 20 pt zone.

This is definitely something we will consider doing as we have a couple of weeks between competitions however we may struggle to find a good place to put the ejection piston as they are quite large.

Definitely worth it to figure it out though. Another method you might consider is using a fast drive to build up enough momentum that when you hit the 20 point zone, the mg slides right out and into the zone.

When it hits the pipe, I mean.

Or could make a small 4 bar to lift it most of the way over the 20 point pipe then drop it in the 20 point zone