Download Error for VEX V5

When we download our program we get an error message the says Your program failed to download. try again.
We have tried everything we can think of. Updated the firmware, changed USB cables, changed USB port, different computer. We can’t get it to download to this particular brain.

Does it download to other V5 brains ?
Can other computers download to this brain ? (Ok, you said not, missed that)


Sometimes this happens to us too. Maybe it’s the cable, but sometimes it won’t download at all, then we wait, say 10 seconds, and then it downloads fine. It’s not a real issue for us but it just makes no sense.

Also: one time at nationals our download port for our brain blew out. Luckily, VEX was there to replace it, but that be what is happening.

I thought about the port being bad, but it let us update the firmware…
We will keep trying but may have to get a new one.