Download issues

I am having an issue running my robot autonomously. No joystick. What we are trying to do is download a program that will make the robot turn right left forward or stop using wait times. It runs fine while connected to the USB so I know the code is not the issue. When we disconnect and put the robot on the floor and push the bumpswitch, it will run correctly the first time if we redownloaded the firmware before we downloaded the program. However, once we have tested it and reconnect it to the USB to change the program, we have to redownload the firmware again to get it to work when we disconnect, which is very frustrating. If i test it today and come in tomorrow and turn the cortex on it will allow me to run the program. I can run it over and over by turning it off and on but once I reconnect to the USB and download a new program it won’t run unless I redownload the firmware. Thoughts?

Is it not moving at all, or is the program weird and not how you programmed? Is the firmware your coding in the same as the brains?

It won’t move at all unless I redownload the firmware before downloading the program and disconnecting. But while it is connected it works fine. It is almost as if the brain is forgetting about the firmware once it is downloaded.

You posted under the V5 category, are you using a V5 or the old cortex ? Which programming environment are you using ?

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Actually I guess I am using the old cortex