Download just doesn't work

So my team has a comp tomorrow and we can’t download the code. We use the vex edr blocks and whenever we try to download the code the download button just turns grey and nothing happens, even after like 20 mins (We have a very short code). I followed all the steps in the tutorial and it just doesn’t work. We did updated everything and it just won’t work.

So, what are you plugging the usb into? You can use your controller. Plug the wire into your computer then your controller. Should be underneath. not the bottom but the bottom side. Then turn brain and controller on. they should both be green on the computer then download. If not then change the wire or USB port.


Yeah we tried that and theres this additional problem I just remebered is that once you press download it will just stay grey (can’t press it) unless you restart the app. But thanks about the both green part, we only had one green

Yeah, you need both.