Download MPLABS program to Vex Controller

Hi guys,

Well, our team has been using EasyC up until now and we have been pretty successful with it(we won the NJ tournament). However, the captain of our team has told me (I’m the programmer) to use MPLAB in the future because it can do more. So I have downloaded the starter code and everything and it all compiles correctly. But I can’t seem to figure out how to download my compiled code to the Vex controller. Could you guys help me out? Thanks.

You will need the IFI_loader from our Downloads page at You use the same hardware from the PC to the Vex Controller as when using easyC. If your PC has a Serial Port, you do not need the USB to Serial Adapter. After installing the IFI_Loader, open it up. You must configure the Com port on the IFI_Loader under PortSettings to the Com port you are using. You will see a Browse button; use it to find the hex file you have compiled. After the hex file is shown in the “Current Hex File” window, you are now ready to hit the download button on the IFI_Loader.