Download speeds for vexcode iq blocks on ipad

I am just curious… should it take 20-30 seconds to download a program to the brain via Bluetooth? I am trying to figure out if I have an issue on my end or that’s the current status quo.

This is about par for the course as of today. We’re investigating ways to get the download size smaller for simpler programs.

The BLE chip in the smart radio just isn’t very fast…


I can live with it. It’s an amazing feat to have the functionality at all. Thank you!


We are finding it almost unworkable with iPads at our school. Modkit via bluetooth worked well and was quite quick to download to the brain, VEXcode IQ Blocks takes too long and kids start restarting apps, turning the brain off and on again as kids do. I presume it is an online compiler issue and I really hope that an offline version will appear soon especially considering ModKit is no longer available.

ModKit’s only issue was lack of controller support.

We are continuing to look at ways to minimize the download size from the iPad to the VEX IQ Brain - the fact that VEXcode IQ Blocks uses an online compiler for iOS should not impact the download performance. This is a function of the Smart Radio and the communication speed it can operate at versus the size of the program being sent.

The delay occurs while the “compiling” bar moves from left to right.

The progress bar indicates download progress. Once the bar begins moving, the compilation has completed and it is now sending the data to the VEX IQ Brain over Bluetooth. It seems like the error is occurring mid-transfer to the VEX IQ Brain, which can happen in noisy radio environments (i.e. multiple iPads downloading at the same time, lots of Bluetooth devices in a concentrated area).

Thanks for your reply, but this occurs with one iPad in a device free area too. Modkit Bluetooth download was just a few seconds even with 12 brains and 20 iPads so I doubt it is a congestion problem.