Download Tournament Standings and Match Results

There is a new feature in Robot Events:

  1. Select an event, such as the Central Washington University VRC Tournament.

  2. Click on the “Results” tab.

  3. Scroll down.

  4. Click on “download CSV” icon.

Enjoy! I’m looking forward to seeing your complex ranking algorithms.

Is this file available for live events?

Thanks for doing this. It is helpful to be able to see the amount of sacks in the different goals, who won autonomous, and parking.

Thank you for making this available! I have already written an app to parse the results from the page to calculate Power Rankings, but changes to the page structure may cause it to break. It will be nice to be able to get straight to the data.


I am hoping to analyze data across all 2012-2013 tournaments. Is there any way I could get a download link to all of the tournaments this year? I’m not sure if its possible, but if it was convenient that would be awesome.


Care to share the app? :smiley:

Thanks, Two small items.

  1. There are a large number of extra columns left over from gateway scoring. Minor issue.

  2. Is there any way to get past league results. At least for my league, only the most recent play day results show up on robot events.

If there is a standard way to extract this from the tournament manger software that would also work. I can work with my league coordinator to post it for our teams if this is the best way.

Thanks again.


Not right now. It is a .NET app I threw together pretty quickly for parsing the web site for my own use. Several parts are hacked together and it is still pretty fragile if it comes across data it is not expecting.

The results page is parsed and dumped into a database that is used to calculate the Power Rankings. You can see the end results here: I’m behind on loading data for some of the competitions since the first of the year. I’ll try to get the data updated in the next couple days.


I would also love to see some sort of API to retrieve match results. I would like to do an analysis on the whole season, but it seems pretty difficult to do right now (as I would have to parse the page for each event).

@JayM I like your algorithmic concept but your CCWM won’t ever really be accurate because of interference by the actual SP method used in Vex today. Teams artificially reduce their win margin to increase SP on purpose. This means that while your method would work better in theory I don’t thin you are going to get accurate readings that represent real world capabilities.

While I agree that CCWM will be skewed to some extent by teams gaming the SP system, I believe it is still very useful is assessing teams. Let me preface this with a statement from the Power Rankings page on our web site:

[INDENT]I believe the best information about teams is gathered on the field, in the pits, and in discussion with team members. There are some teams, however, that you may not ever meet on the field or that you would like information about prior to a competition. In these situations I believe these ratings can be helpful.[/INDENT]

Most teams that game the SP system won’t make the score so close they risk losing. Looking back through the competitions my teams have attended this season I can say that OPR and CCWM (even more than OPR) are good predictors of which teams will be playing in the elimination rounds.

One thing I am looking at doing is calculating additional OPR and CCWM rankings that only take into account the elimination matches. This would get rid of the SP gaming bias because teams have no incentive to score for the opposing alliance in eliminations. This would obviously not be helpful for alliance selection while at a competition, but would give a good view of a teams strength. One of the down sides is that rankings could only be calculated for teams that actually make it to the elimination rounds and the fact that some competitions do not accurately report which teams sit out during elimination matches.