Downloadable Parts Posters for classes/labs - Legal Paper Sized

I’ve made some parts posters and I wanted to share them out with you all. They were originally inspired by an awesome giant poster from the Space Cookie team - but we couldn’t print that.

These are designed to be printed on legal sized paper (8.5x11) the largest my class printer can handle.

Download Here

Edit: Looks like the upload lost some font settings. Here they are in PDF

Nice!!! Will need a V5 update soon :slight_smile:

These are great. Would you join the Vex World Coaches Association on Facebook and upload them? There’s 800 coaches and mentors that might be interested in these.

Cool. Thanks. That’s handy. I really appreciate it.

For your “not done yet” list, you might want to include the several other brackets and the non-high-strength chain/sprockets.

Can you elaborate which brackets I’m missing?

I neglected the regular sprockets and chain because the PLTW kits we started with came with the high strength versions. I will add them to the list, but I’m pretty much spent in terms of energy for this project for this year :frowning:

I see pulley, worm, and bevel, but neither of these:

Rack Gearbox Bracket - see here
Steel Swerve Brackets - see here

Can’t believe I missed the rack brackets, thanks. I really need that, and I need it to show the difference between the old style and new ones, because it causes problems in my class.

The swerve brackets are like the regular sprockets for me - when I have the energy to be a completionist again I might add them - they certainly will make the list - but not a priority because I just don’t see the appeal.


Ya, I never see those swerve brackets. But I’ve got piles of the rack gearbox brackets, so I figured that at very least was an oversight.