Downloading 2006 code into the 2005 Controller

I am able to download code to the 2006 controller using the version 1.0.12, but am having problems with the 2005 contoller using both version 1.0.10 & 1.0.12. I am also getting the same errors with both, as I start to download the file an error message pops up saying to “depress the prog button, etc.” even though I have pressed it and the indicator is orange.

The 2004/2005 Controllers have a different User Processor than the 2006 or 2007 RC units. The hex file for the 2006/2007 Controllers can not be downloaded to the 2004/2005 Controllers. You must change some Libraries and re-compile your code to work with the 2004/2005 Controllers. Follow the “Using _Last_Years_FRC.txt" file located in the “2006 RC Code (zip, 1-4-2006)" zip file on the RC web page: