Downloading A Program To The Cortex Wirelessly In EasyC V6

I have the older programming cable used for the PIC controller. It has a short and wide orange box in the link. It works fine with my PIC’s although sometimes I get an error in device manager that it has been discontinued. I just uninstall the device driver and plug the programming cable back in the USB port of the computer and it is fine again. I cannot get it to work when I try to wirelessly communicate to the Cortex by plugging it into the joystick control connected to the Cortex through the VEXNET keys. I wonder if I need to use the newer programming cable that has the longer thinner orange box that is available to purchase now or I have a different issue. Otherwise, everything else seems to work fine. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Sorry if I left out any pertinent details. Just ask if you need more info and I will be glad to answer. John

Update: I found some info on this and it says that easyC has issues with programming wirelessly and that RobotC will work, I gave it a try and found that it works as it should, so I don’t think it has anything to do with the serial cable being the older version.