Downloading Cad Files

So I am trying to learn Cad to design my robot next year specifically Fusion 360 and I wanted to know if there is any way to download all of the files at once. Thanks.

Unless they’ve changed something recently, no, not quite. You can get almost all of them in one go if you go to and scroll about halfway down.

You can grab a bunch of the V5 parts at once, too if you go to some V5 pages and choose the download all files option.

Then there are just a few random ones you’ll be missing, easy enough to grab individually.

if you dig around on the forums you can find some part libraries, but they’re often messy and disorganized, and missing a few parts.

SOMETIMES while downloading, or importing into a Fusion 360 project (through A360) some of the folders won’t fully import. I advise uploading each folder individually including all sub folders. I find that if you want to upload one folder and not another, it makes it easier to organize the way you want.