Downloading code error

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to download code into my brain, but when I plug the USB cable in, the small brain in the top right corner of the screen shows white. It should show green, indicating that it’s connected. I changed the USB cord but that didn’t work. Any thoughts?


Shyam Bhagat

Did you try downloading via Bluetooth? Also maybe the brain port isn’t working.

i have a windows laptop so I can’t download with bluetooth

Oh. Do you know if it’s a problem with the brain?

Try updating the brain and/or vexcode, or using the controller to download. I had this problem and it was because the brain and vexcode needed an update. Also plugging in to the controller might work (plug into controller instead of brain and download while the controller and brain are on and connected)


Nevermind, it’s working!
Sorry about that

Just curious, what got it to work?

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I update the brain (20 characters)

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