Downloading code via Bluetooth?

The micro usb plug that we plug into the brain is not designed to be plugged in a thousand times while perfecting our autonomous. We are already having some issues with it not working 100% of the time.
So this leads us to ask if anyone is aware of a way to download code to the brain via the controller being plugged into our laptop using Bluetooth? I guess the other option is to buy an adapter to go from micro usb to cat 5 ?

Actually it is, micro USB receptacle is rated to at least 10000 insertion cycles. However, we will have a wireless download solution with a future vexos release.

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Until the wireless download is released, I suggest using a USB “pig tail”:

Less than $4 each, and you can leave it plugged in, then use an old orange A to A USB cable to download programs to V5 Brain.
Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 8.22.44 AM.png


Every micro USB phone I’ve ever had suggests that the rating is not for ‘real life’ conditions. I definitely would recommend the USB pigtail as well. Especially since getting a replacement V5 due to a broken port is likely to be pretty difficult for a while.

Wireless downloads can’t come soon enough!



The USB receptacle may be rated for 10000 insertion cycles but the soldered posts cannot take 10000 insertion cycles by middle school kids. As those of us in the real world have experienced, kids break the solder joints on the PCB board. I bet the REAL world insertion cycle is about 50 for grade 4 kids and maybe 100 for grade 6 kids. 10000 is a joke.


Please do not revive dead threads unless you have something to post that is significantly contributory and specifically relevant to the dead thread.

In this case, the durability (or, rather, lack thereof) of the V5 Brain’s micro-USB port is already well-known, and wireless downloading over Bluetooth has already been announced as an upcoming feature.


I have Bluetooth Radios Barin, and none of them work for downloading programs. No one at the company has any idea of when, or if, RobotC or the new VEX programs will use Bluetooth. In fact I have been told to download the SDK and do it myself. Is that what you mean by upcoming features? So until then the durability issue is very much alive and my opinion is that this thread should not die so that newcomers would be aware. If you have any concrete release date for Bluetooth support please advise - I would very much welcome it. Not that it matters but I suspect my once a year visit to this forum will be over in a couple of days and I will look forward to next year’s

They have said that the priority with VEXcode Bluetooth is tablets. iPad is done, Android is coming. It was made clear that the desire is for all platforms to have Bluetooth (but it’s not possible for everything) but there isn’t a stated timeline for this. ROBOTC never will since it is no longer supported.
Since VEXcode came along, the pace of development is many times that of Modkit/VCS. As a user, it seems to me that the VEXcode team have done more in a matter of months than Modkit delivered in many years so I expect things will move much quicker now.


There is no need for a hostile attitude. I do not represent VEX, and I’m not trying to necessarily endorse their engineering choices.

All I’m saying is that the fragility of the micro-USB port has come up time and time again on this forum already, and cheap and readily available workarounds have also been presented many times. I agree that such workarounds shouldn’t be necessary, but we may have to agree to disagree on Bluetooth program downloading being such an essential feature.

Actually, since you mention RobotC for programming a Bluetooth-enabled Brain and being told to use the SDK, I am guessing you are actually referring to VEX IQ and not V5/VEX EDR, in which case you are in the wrong section of the forum altogether.


Everyone is like:
Tries to plug in the micro usb: doesnt fit.
Turns ot over: still doesnt fit.