Downloading firmware for new Cortex

I received some new VEX Cortexes, and am trying to download the master firmware. I’ve got a freshly charged battery on it, it’s turned on, plugged in to the USB A-A correctly, but I keep getting these error messages:
“No USB Cable connection to PC available for VEX Cortex robot.”
“No communications link to robot available”
“Failed to open Windows communication file " to with Robot.
Ensure correct port is selected! Use ‘Properties’ in ‘View’ menu to setup.” (sic)
I’ve gone to the Properties menu it details; under “Communications Port” instead of “USB Wired Cable #1” as shown in the help menu, the only option other than “Automatic Selection” is “COM1” - no combination of these with any combination of VEX Cortex 2.0/0.5/Natural Language Library work.
I’ve used the same computer, same USB cable, same USB port, same battery with other (older) cortexes without issue. All three new Cortexes (delivered last week) will not connect. What am I not doing correctly?

It sounds like you might have an older version of ROBOTC (2.30 or 2.32) installed. Since we released that version of the software, VEX has started putting their new and improved Master Firmware on the Cortexes. The old software doesn’t know how to talk to the new master firmware.

Download and install the latest version: If you go to Help > Show Getting Started, it will show instructions for getting up and running.

Thanks. Now it seems all I need is administrative priveleges … :rolleyes:

Can’t help you there. :slight_smile:

When you install the new version of ROBOTC, it will also install the required drivers for the Cortex. Make sure you still have admin privileges the first time that you plug the new Cortex controllers in, as the driver doesn’t fully install until one has been connected.

In the new version of ROBOTC, if you go to Help > Show Getting Started, all of the setup steps are well described.

New year, new cortex problem:
The green robot light blinks. About a cycle per second. It does this when a battery is plugged in and it’s turned on, and it does this when it’s plugged into a computer with no battery power, and if it’s plugged in with battery power. According to the troubleshooting guide, we should download the newest firmware. When we tried that, it said the cortex was up to date; any future download sessions we get the error message that says the com port cannot detect a VEX device. The device driver is installed and active, we’ve restarted and used multiple computers, we’ve searched in the View-Select Communications Port and it’s not popping up.
We’re using RobotC.
We’ve tried multiple cortexes, multiple A-A USB cables, multiple fully charged batteries. We successfully programmed and ran two robots earlier this week, now we’ve got nothing.