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My group in a school robotics program has been attempting to create a code for our VexIQ robots using VexCode IQ Blocks. We had no troubles downloading our autopilot program for a long time. We were able to update it and make changes. However, one day, we tried to download an addition to the program that we made, and it did not download. Whenever we loaded up the program, the download button would appear, but, when pressed, it does not download to the robot. We have tried switching the USB cord, port, and the computer used, but to no avail. Upon further inspection we found that the color sensor was faulty. Once we deleted all of the blocks in the program which interacted with the color sensor, the program still failed to download. We would appreciate any ideas on how to solve this issue.

I remember reading that some issues could be fixed by erasing all programs on the Brain using the menu on the Brain itself. Then try downloading again.

Hi, We have very similar issue where every time we download we get an error, tried all the suggestions found so far and none of them seem to work. If I power everything down (including laptop) and reboot and put a simple 3 line program it works, if I put in a bigger program I get the error - even with the simple program back.

Be great to figure this out. Screenshot of error attached.


Can you post a project that replicates the issue? I’d be happy to look into this.

Sure, program attached.

Thanks for your help.

test.iqblocks (19.5 KB)

Looks like you have a motor called “slide” and also a variable called “slide”. That causes a compile error.

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Thank you. Will try that.

Thanks very much for your help, that fixed the issue, such rookie mistake too. Shame the compiler didn’t give any indication on the error.



Glad you could resolve it - this is something we’re working to improve in an upcoming update.


This fixed part of the problem we had, however, it still does not download.

Can you post your project file for us to look at?

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