Downloading Program off of Robot to computer

So I have my program downloaded to my bot, but it seems that someone has taken my USB drive. I have a backup, but it is an older file without my tweaks. Is there a way to download my program off of my bot to the computer?? (RobotC)

No not possible

Thanks. Looks like I’ve got alot of work to re-do…

Nevermind, I found it! And needless to say, I am making backups!

Our team stores our code in the cloud. This makes all members able to access it and provides a backup in case a single computer would crash. I would recommend google drive, or SkyDrive (now called OneDrive).

Also RobotC creates a backup of the program by default every time you compile. It puts the old code file in your recycle bin.

This is something we have done this year. We have all of our code (present and past) stored in Dropbox so if we have our CPU crash, we can borrow another computer and get our code :slight_smile: We also have it stored on 2-3 flashdrives :stuck_out_tongue:

I recommend using something like Team Foundation Service or Git to host your code. Both are free. It works great for managing revisions and is built for storing and managing code. They both have version control so you can upload builds of your code to their cloud services and be able to quickly rollback to older version of code.

The biggest drawback to using these services is that you have to manually check in your code. Not a bad idea to prevent servers from being overloaded from continuous Save, Download, Test, Rinse, Repeat.

Git would probably work better for ROBOTC because it’s designed to work with any programming environment -that is to say you install a Git client.

With TFS, you’ll need Team Explorer Everywhere for TFS unless you’re using Visual Studio (not possible w/ROBOTC).

In the past, I’ve used Google Drive to automatically upload code when I save and GitHub to manage revisions. Not the most elegant of solutions, but gets you that dual functionality. Since I’m using PROS w/Visual Studio, committing changes is a click away, so I always upload changes after a good day of programming.

Our team did the same thing last year (only with dropbox, and we did not push our changes to github, though we did commit).
Unfortunately it backfired once, and everything reverted to 1-month’s-previous work. I had to go online and re-revert the files one at a time.
I think that github never worked right after that, giving an error every time the repo was opened.

I highly suggest doing something like this to anyone who is looking to make programming a career choice.
Potentially bitbucket and tortoise git. (Unfortunately tortoise git takes some getting used to, but it is really nice and much easier than the command line imo.)

I have a 4 GB flash drive…

That’s what we’ve done now, I have it backed up on multiple devices and on “Dropbox” so it auto saves my updates as a backup