Downloading Programs to Controller

Hello Vex forums! I come with a question on behalf of my builders. The way we have built the robot, the USB port on the brain is very tough to access. I had seen teams who download their program onto their controller.

I tried this, and it did not recognize the controller like it recognizes the brain when I plug it in. Here is some context:
I am using vexcode v5 text
My brain, battery, and controller are brand new
My Chromebook downloads stuff to the brain just fine
My code has no errors
I have tried downloading over vexnet and by wire
I have used the search bar and tried the instructions given here.

If any more information would assist in a more professional diagnosis, @jpearman , I would be happy to provide. Thank you for any help!

Firstly, you don’t load programs onto the controller, all programs are stored on the V5 brain, the controller just acts as a wireless bridge and allows programs to be sent to the V5 brain wirelessly.

Are you using web based ( or the installed chromebook App from the chrome web store ?

The does not support wireless download via controller.


Yeah I know. I meant to say that instead of plugging my Chromebook into the brain, I plugged it into the controller

I am using the web store application.

Well, that should work.
Try the usual, different cable etc. but a cable that works with the V5 brain should be good for the controller.
Perhaps send feedback and add details on the chromebook model etc.


Turns out it was the cable. I used my teachers cable and it works fine now! Thank you for trying to help.