Downloading to VEX Cortex without RobotC

Hey all!
I am in a robotics club that uses the VEX Cortex, i personally like using other editors to debug C code, and don’t need RobotC. That said, I am required to upload programs to the VEX through RobotC. Is there any way I could program the bot without RobotC?

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An alternative is PROS which is a student run open source development project for the Cortex and V5 devices. We have a VSCode extension and command line interface so that you can use any editor you want. Everything should still be good for Cortex support, but not many of the current developers have any Cortex experience, much less with PROS, so we may not be able to give much accurate support if you run into issues.

Edit: just realized the link didn’t work. Just fixed it, sorry


Thanks for the quick response! I’ve heard that PROS is a little finicky when it comes to cortex devices, all of the gear we use is really old, but ill check it out and see!