Dpr, opr, ccwm

Can someone explain to me how to calculate DPR, OPR, and CCWM in simple terms? I’ve tried looking it up but can’t find a formula. Thanks

Well, what I meant was for your overall season, do you just add them all together?

There are set formulas, actually.

What are they???

Well the ccwm equation is rather simple, OPR-DPR. However, I’m not sure exactly what the opr and dpr equations are.


Try this:


Ok. This is all helpful, but to be honest I am in 8th grade and have no idea what all of these numbers mean

Offensive Power Rating is an objective way to rate teams based on calculated contribution of a team on average to a match score.

The concept is that you have 2 teams on a Vex alliance who combine to produce a score in a match against another alliance. So:

  • Red is Team A and Team B and score 6 points
  • Blue is Team C and Team D and score 20 points

Assume there are many other matches, involving many teams A-Z.

The OPR metric attempts to describe, on average how many points any individual team contributes to its alliance score. Maybe Team A and Team B are pretty equal and both have an OPR of 3, while Team C is not as good as either Team A and B and may have an OPR of 2, while Team D has an OPR of 18. Note - with only a single match result, it’s not possible for C and D to have different OPRs, nor do the sum of an alliance’s teams’ OPRs add up to that alliance’s match score.

One of the applications of OPR (and DPR - how much do teams’ contribute to lowering their opponents’ scores) is - given a choice between Team C and Team D as a partner, which should you pick, not knowing anything else (e.g. are they a clawbot, do they have an auton, etc.)


Here’s some more discussion:

The math is a little complicated, yes, but the idea of what it’s doing isn’t so bad. I think the first post in that linked thread explains it relatively well. Actually performing the calculations is more difficult but may not be necessary depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.


To add on, here is a simpler explanation from vexdb.io

" In summary - OPR measures how much a team scores (higher is better), DPR measures how much a team stops its opponents from scoring (lower is better), and CCWM is how much a team contributes to the total winning margin in its matches (ie. the net benefit of the team, where higher is better). These three are related through CCWM = OPR - DPR."