DPRG outdoor vexpro robot

Paul and I are members of the dallas personal robotics group and have been working on a project. We are using a vexpro controller, twelve 393 motors all with I2C encoders, asus xtion pro live, minoru 3d webcam, laptop and a localized wifi network. We also have some ultrasonics and other gear on it not utilized yet. As for the software we have some code written for the vex pro that takes commands and feeds information to ROS with a modified rosserial. We utilize the xtion for indoor mapping of the environment by converting its point could data to a 2d laser scan input. As this is a mainly a outdoor robot we currently us the minoru 3d webcam to grab blobs of color in a sceen and navigate between them. This is done with opencv and cmvision. We will also be incorporating a IMU and GPS at some point though maybe not before our new outdoor contest. The link below is to a video showing the run down of the project as is stands I will update this post as we make more progress and showing how it does at the events. jrover project run down

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. It’s around 30" long by 20" wide and 20" or so tall with laptop closed.