DQ No Matter What When Pushing Tower Underneath Opponent Platform?

During a match I had backed into a tower that had tipped over and pushed it underneath the opposing alliance platform before 30 seconds, violation of SG3 if not rectified. I decided to try and remove it with some struggling that lead into the last 30 seconds. I did eventually remove it but I was DQ’d for touching the opposing alliance’s platform.

Would this lead to a DQ no matter what I did? Either a violation for pushing the neutral goal underneath and leaving it or touching the platform to remove it. Thanks.

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Basically if you left it there you would have been DQ’d and you touched the platform and got DQ’d. So their was not much you could have done except be more carefull with the mogo.

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If you push it under and dont immediately attempt to retrieve it from under than it is a DQ’able offense

the goal must remain under the platform with 30 seconds left for it to be a DQ.

that is not true, the wording is “not immediately rectified”, it has nothing to do with how much time is left


you’re totally right, but that’s never how I read it.

but if it is left there with > 30 seconds to go, it is also a DQ.