Dr. Woodie Flowers - The Scavenger Hunt

With our beloved Chit Chat category entombed into the sarcophagus of read-onlyness, haggard posts forming long queues to the gates of approval, and forum mods having to pull the graveyard shifts, … we need something good to lift our spirits.

And what could be better and more appropriate than going to the roots of the competitive robotics and celebrating the legacy of Dr. Woodie Flowers?

And to give it a festive mood and make it more fun, it is going to be another Scavenger Hunt! :egg: :egg: :egg:

Rules: You have to post a short clip of Dr. Flowers (less than 10 min) with a brief explanation of why you choose it or why it matters to you and your team. :heart:

To avoid it turning into a gold rush, we are going to use current moderation rules to our advantage - we will ask mods to approve only two posts per day, accept only one weekly clip from each user, and kindly reject duplicate entries. :hammer:

Here is my entry:

It matters to me because I love his idea of taking the Chaotic Kit of Materials and making something wonderful and crazy to happen. And I love his core idea of everyone helping one another, of being competitive and forgiving, and that you can become happy through the satisfaction of being creative.


It strikes me how Dr. Flowers’s wisdom is so much bigger than the competition, and how much it is applicable to the situations we see in our politics, corporate ethics, and other complex dynamics that we witness every day.

I am so glad that my team was introduced to the concept of Gracious Professionalism from the beginning so that we could begin to develop these important skills for dealing with difficult issues in the future.


This clip dedicated to Dr. Woody Flowers (at 4:33:05 in the video, and Woody starts talking aroud 4:34:55) is very much relevant today, where he talks about the Betterment of All, explains Gracious Professionalism, and reiterates Empathetic response to others, and importance of giving back to society in a way that creates no victim circling back to his Hall of Fame acceptance speech (second clip at 3:20) where he underscores paying attention to other people’s feelings, restoring our allegiance to truth, and justice empathy


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