DR4B alignment problem

Hello, I would like to ask for your support to know why my DR4B does not remain vertical when climbing, it is misaligned as it rises all the joints between the towers and the central part are in the same boxes as shown in the video, the first bars are 25 holes and the top ones are 35 holes

all spacing needs to be the same
i dont think yours is

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It is the space in the screw joints and axles of the gears are 6 holes check it on the video

Successful DR4Bs have a lot of components that can be hard to learn, but here is a link to a post that will be able to answer most questions about them, along with a step by step build guide. One specific thing I noticed in the video, was the fact that the top four bar is longer than the bottom four bar. This will not make the lift lift vertically, which is one advantage of DR4Bs. This, and much more, is covered in the post linked above.


Check your spacing between your pivot points, it looks to me like one might be off.