DR4B Coding tips?

Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone has some coding examples or tips they could share with me? Our robot is a a typical square 6 wheel drive (4 motor) with a DR4B on top. Our main goal is for our robot to set blocks in the towers.

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I think that the tag is wrong, this seems like an EDR discussion, not an IQ one

It’s a good idea to have preset heights. Just have your motors spin until the motor rotation == yourTarget

PID is very useful to keep the two sides of your dr4b level, especially when your dr4b is lifting something heavy


Have the controller buttons raise or lower a “height” desired value.
if (controller button up) {height=height+5;}
if (controller button down) {height = height-5;}

This will allow you to just tap the button a few times to move the lift slowly, and it wont move in a jerky fashion.


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