DR4B Design

How would you create a structured DR4B using four motors? We have already made a DR4B, but it is very problematic.

u make an elevator made out of all steel.

Can confirm, will give you 20 cps

Send a few pics and we can see how you can improve your existing design.


ditto and no mgi also. The mgi will not let you score too many points.


This is a recent photo of DR4B we have made. It is not very high on build quality.

Maybe some more angles could be good. We aren’t really able to see much with just a sideview. Also if you could go into some more detail about what’s not working with the lift. I.e. is it slow? Is it clicking? etc.

I’d recommend just having really good build quality.

I mean there’s nothing else for us to say…

Other than that, I see no four bar or chain bar so I can assume that you will not be internally stacking so use full 35 C-Channels like you have. Also, just make sure there is no slop along with the spacing. (Slop is where you can turn the joint without activating the motors for 2 centimeters-ish). Along with that, use rubber ban for less strain on your motors (probably not too necessary for you because you are using 4 motors).


If it is slow, you can use motors and use aluminum to make it more light and put less strain on your motors…

  • Ayush, 2831A

One side is faster than the other occasionaly. We have made sure all motors are torque.

Then you need a PID and make sure to have ample support. For example, you can “X” together both sides to make it connected and have both sides go up at the same time.

A PID will help you out alot because of natural motor differences like manufacturing, time, and usage. A PID is a speed control algorithm that you can use to make both sides go up in sync and perfectly (close to atleast) straight.

PID isnt necessary. Just brace it well and make sure all the motors are running similar speeds.


Kevin lmao
Maybe you have friction on one side.