DR4B gearing

what do you guys think is the best gearing for a DR4B? 1:7 or 1:5 external? HS or torque internal?

I feel like a lower ratio like 1:5 would be fine. 1:7 is probably too much for this year, the cones are really light.

If you’re planning on doing a dual purpose Claw, 1:7, otherwise do 1:5

A lot of people are doing 2 motor 1:7 lifts, but I’m doing 4 motor 1:5 lift, and it works great.

We are going for a 2 motor 1:5 DR4B just to lift cones, it should be ok if you use the perfect amount of elastic bands.

Will a 4 motor high speed 5:1 lift work? Assuming it will only stack around 15 cones?

It would work if you used elastic bands however it might be to difficult to control accurately as it will be moving lots faster.

not true, while moving fast if you make it with little friction then it shouldn’t be an issue. Personally I’m moving away from a RD4B, because its way too much metal for this small of a cone

Are you moving away to something like the Ri3D from Cameron or something completely different?

yes… also no

New design? Like completely new???

Maybe? yes

…i am confuzled


tell me pls. dm?