DR4B gears hitting shaft. Help.

We have a standard DR4B and a 7:1 gear ratio. Our lift is powered by 4 speed motors. The problem that we have is when we mount the 12 tooth gears on the bottom and top of the 84 tooth gears and we power the lift, everything moves and works fine, but when the lift tries to go to its maximum height the c channel hits the shaft of the 12 tooth gear and can’t extend to its maximum height. Any help is appreciated.

you can attach the second motor on each side to the front of the gear by adding a c channel extension. Or you could add a second 12 tooth gear and 84 tooth gear set that meshes with the first further down on the tower like 1533M.

Or you can be like us, and just cut off the offending part if it’s not actually required to be there…

Cut the metal thats hitting the shaft until its clear of the root diameter and you shouldn’t have problems with it hitting the shaft anymore