Dr4b lift motors

Hey I’m working on my double reverse 4 bar and I’m curious what gets better efficiency: putting the motors on the bottom most part of the lift, or in the middle of the two 4 bars?

I’ve heard its better to put them on the middle, although I don’t quite know why.

It depends on where the majority of the weight is. If the weight is near the top of the lift then you want your motors to pull the top up. If it is located on the bottom then you want them to be on the bottom and so on. Also How many motors are you using and what gear ratio? It is possible that the middle would be best if you are using a torque gear ratio. last year we had six on ours with a 7:1 ratio and we could hold mobile goals several feet high with several cones with ease.

It does use less gears so there is less friction I guess.

we are using 2 v5 motors with the torque cartridge in it and on top of those we are using a 1:5 gear ratio. Also if it’s worth anything we want to keep as much space open at the bottom of our lift.

Then power the lift from the midsection

Less Gears, more screw joints

Most of the time, it is most space efficient to power from the mid tower because motors just fit there better. There isn’t a huge difference in function between the two methods if bands are balanced correctly but like I said, mid mount motors normally allows for a wider/ more compact lift.