DR4B Mounting

Ok any help would be appreciated!

I was working on my DR4B and was noticing how some teams only have on mounting tower per side the best example I can think of is Here . I was wondering what the advantages/ disadvantages would be of having one tower per side versus two.

Thanks again!

It has to do with weight, your lift can handle the cantilevered base if your lifting a lighter load. Every lift from Skyrise has two towers per side, while most in In The Zone had one per side. This is most likely due to massive dr6bs lifting heavy objects, while during ITZ you lifted one light cube up at a time very fast. I haven’t ever made a lift with two towers per side, and it gets slightly harder as you have something extra moving inwards that can contact your dr4b on its downward travel.

Ok, so my lift is going to be a 4 cube claw, maybe more as the season goes on, would i be safe with one tower?

Another difference is you can’t use axles for single tower. There’s just too much instability cantilevering axles. You can however cantilever screw joints.


You should be fine, I have a relatively light one motor dr4b that can lift three cubes. My single towers have had no problems

Ok my plan is a 2 motor 1:7

Adding the 2nd tower doesn’t do very much for stability, unless you add bearing extensions to the bars of the bottom linkage. With 2 bars, the screw has to be fixed to the tower, whereas the screw can be fixed to the linkage if it’s cantilevered. Thus, you can rotate the c-channel sideways or ad a c-channel coupler to the other side of the tower to provide 2 points of contact with the screw, as opposed to just one with the 2 bar tower (unless you use bearing extensions). Furthermore, using 2 bars means you have to counter the torsion of an extra c-channel to maintain stability, which is harder than bracing just one. If you have the space to build a sturdy 2 bar tower, it could be better than cantilevering the joints, but especially in this game, you likely won’t have the space, and it’s much easier to cantilever them. You can learn more about this in the DR4B Tutorial by 333A.


You should be fine, as long as your not doing something like a dr6b lifting 6 or more cubes you should be fine.


Thank you all!