DR4B Overheating

Our lift is overheating. We have four torque motors with 7:1. Any tips to make this better?

Try to make the lift lighter, as well as whatever type of manipulator you have on the end of the lift. Check for friction too, 7:1 torque shouldn’t overheat

If you’re using axles, switch to screws. Also, make sure each of your motors is running smoothly, and in the right direction.

You also might just need some rubber bands.

How much does your lift weigh? And do you have any rubber banding?

Steel or aluminum? If you are using steel and have no aluminum then switch to another lift.

A lot of it depends on design (steel vs aluminum, using screws instead of axles, keeping it light, etc.), but make sure it isn’t running constantly. If you hold your lift at the top the whole match it would definitely burn out. Rubber bands will help a lot.