DR4B Question

Hey guys,

I just had a quick question about Double Reverse 4 Bars, since I have never built one before. If I am powering the lift with 4 motors, would it require less power to lift if I put all 4 motors on the tower attached to the base, 2 motors on the base tower and 2 motors on the center section, or all 4 motors on the center section? Or does it even matter?
Thank you all so much

Technically putting all four on the base towers would require the least power because they wouldn’t have to lift themselves as well as the lift but it’s negligable so I put them in the middle and just use more rubber bands. I find it easier to get the right gear combinations this way to get the necessary height out of it.

Okay thank you so much

You’re welcome

Will the DR4B still work if i put 2 motors on the base part and 4 motors in the middle of the lift itself?

Yes. There was already a thread about this exact question but I can’t be bothered to search for it right now.