DR4B Stabilization + Adding Power

What are the best ways to stabilize a wobbly double reverse four bar? It’s slightly off balance & it leans to one side or the other and sometimes will hit the sides of the lift base (not enough to cause damage but enough to get stuck). Also, are there any ways to increase the power and speed of the lift aside from adding rubber bands, changing gears inside the motors, or adding motors?


There is not any way to increase power but rubber bands and more motors, but if you use rubber bands you can increase the speed because leverage against you will be balanced out. Also, try using more braces or rubber bands on each sides to stabilize it.

One of the best ways to stabilize a DR4B is to add X’s across the four-bars. Those tend to help a lot, and you can see examples on the robots I have posted (YouTube channel link is in my signature).

Try to take care of all the physical causes of the wobble first, but you might also consider using sensors to ensure that both sides of your DR4B raise at the same time and speed.