DR4B Structure K Bracing


For DR4B structure, many forum post said you can have a K0bracing to give more space and also stability like the X bracing. Many mentioned about “standoff bracing” Where do you get that, could anyone give a link for this part?

Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 9.12.06 pm

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It actually is not a singular part, but rather a clever use of a collar, standoff, standoff coupler, and a screw. Basically, if you put a standoff coupler into the side of an empty collar, then attach a standoff to the coupler, you can have a standoff attached at 90 degrees. Then, you would just put the screw through the top of the collar, and maybe secure it with a nut (nylock, keps), but its not entirely necessary if the standoff coupler is tightened all the way. I would recommend not tightening the standoff coupler completely until you know that the standoff is facing the right angle. After you have it at the right angle, you can tighten the standoff coupler so that it stays in place. Hopefully this helps!