DR4B Tilting

Hello Vex-perts . This year, my team and I decided on building a DR4B for the Tower Takeover competition. This is our first time building it. We seem to be having issues when the DR4B is rising when we manually lift it. The weight of the central part of the lift is leaning heavily to the right side, and pulling the arm on the opposite side meshed to a gear connected to the motor off. The channel above the one being pulled off is also putting weight on the gear itself. We haven’t tried lifting it mechanically yet, but it doesn’t tilt when lifted manually - the arm slips off of the axel. The spacing, lengths etc is the same on both sides. I can add pictures.
Any ideas on what could be causing this/how to fix this? Thanks!

If you don’t have bracing for the DR4B, I would say that’s your issue but pictures of the DR4B would help us see what could be going on.


Yes pictures please
Tjat would be very helpful

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This tutorial here is very good. Many types of bracing are described.


Thank you all for the replies!
It turned out to be a spacing issue between the two lifts (the space between them on the base was too less on one side, and was pushing the entire thing in one direction and yanking the gear channel off). With the help of cross braces and rubber bands it is so much better now!

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