DR4B Tutorial by 333A

I was looking through the post and I saw the part about the raised spacers on the gears, how does that help create stability.

The raised spacers help move the points of contact that the axel has with the gear farther apart. This reduces wobble because the axel has less room to rotate around the gear. If you just use a high strength gear then your two points of contact are essentially the ends of the gear insert. These are pretty close together an allow the axel to wobble more in the gear which translates to wobbling in the entire lift. This is actually a pretty cool way to reduce wobble if you have space in your lift. Another alternative is to use lock bars on your gears.


If by “lock bars” you mean these, I would not recommend using them, because they go around shafts, and shafts with lock bars aren’t as sturdy as gears and raised spacers.


Thank you guys. This really helped me out. Especially the K-Bracing!

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This also helped me out on how to figure out good formatting for the digital notebook this year, Thanks!