DR4B variant

¿Cómo puedo construir un ascensor como este para tomar la torre https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRbO0qNigw8&t=45s ? We are new Team (ITZ)

Tu pregunta es vaga. lo único que puedo recomendar es buscar otros elevadores de barra doble inversa 4 y desde allí. sorry if the translation is off, im using google translate

We have few pieces I wanted to put 4 channels-C of 25 holes and up 2 channels-C of 35 holes with gears of 84 teeth, dont worry about

I am also using google translate, sorry.
Si desea una exactamente igual a la del video, hay suficiente material para copiarla exactamente. si no, ¿podría explicar cómo quiere que sea el suyo?

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Do not worry

We want to make a design like this first four bars and then two bars rather it would be like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JKa2AQw7lU

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The mechanism shown is called a double reverse four bar (DR4B). What specifically are you having trouble with this lift? If that is what you want go for it. I will say think about what you will place on the lift. That will help with designing the lift.

In this case I wish the gears were directly in the tower with motors, can you?

We used one of these last year. we used 84 tooth gears for the arms and 12 tooth gears for the motors. Our unit had 2 motors to make it work. we used red 100rpm red gearboxes. I am guessing from the video you provided they had the 200 green gearboxes

If we have the cortex and v4 motors

I would guess either 2 or 4 motors. I don’t have any experience with V4 and cortex.

Okay, thanks…

3 motors is an option too. Just don’t go any less than 2 or any more than four.

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I want to put two motors to the lift and one motor to the claw

I only have one more question, why can’t the bars be supported on two channels (or something structural? , How can It stay level without falling to the other side?

Someone can help me??

I’m not sure I understand your question. In order to balance load, we used rubber bands to pull up the lift.

Okay thank you very much

How would you mount 3 motors on a DR4B, would it acheive equillibrium?

how did you mount the rubber bands?

you can, just put one in the middle. Here is my rough sketch:

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