DR4B vs Six Bar

Wow… You actually remember this robot!

But now that you have dug it out and come to think of it… I can see quite a few features that can be used for this season game.
Eg. The fold-up and retractable front wheels will be useful to make space for the scoop in front and also to approach the hanging post, etc.

For those who are not familiar with this robot and the technical complexity - it was one of the 1st few (not sure is it the 1st) dr4b that went for worlds and the lift was driven by only 2 x 269 motors (less powerful motors as compared to 369).
How did it performed?
Pretty good - the lift was insanely fast. But lost to the eventual world champ, 2W (the 1st ever wall/cap bot) at the division SF.

and OMG at the spacer issues on the DR4B!!! Pull your hair out a LOT!!!