Dr4b with 6 bars

I need the forum’s thoughts on this Dr4b that my team has made. it’s a basic dr4b but it has 6 bars on it.00100lrPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20191107104257144_COVER|375x500

believe its actually called dr6b

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It’s not really a DR4B since it is not reversed or double. However, it is half of what the VEX community usually refers to as a 4-bar, but you have extended the top bar a bit.

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Yeah a Dr6B is a 6 bar on top of another six bar. In order to make this a Dr4b you would need to add a 4 bar onto the bottom of that connected to this top half. Side note, you can make Dr4/6b which is a 6 bar on top of an 4 bar.

fyi this is only half of it we need to finish the other half

this is tactically a 2 bar not a dr6b (unless @LiamOates extends the bottom)
also this is lablad as iq please change it

what is the point of the extended bar?

Increased height. It’s like a six bar but the object manipulator at the end of the lift doesn’t keep its orientation

which makes it a 2 bar.

so then just have a long bar, that defeats the whole point

It seems that this thread needs to be in the edr category not iq

u trippen ?

oh that makes more scene but i already pointed that out

All seems fine, just beware of extra weight and the geometry of your lift. The pivot points on the lift need to be the same in order for the geometry to work