DR4B with Tray Stacker

Has anybody found an effective way to put the tray stacker on the lift of the DR4B?




clarification please?

all you need to do is have a tipper connected from the top of the DR4B to the tray. The tilter will tilt the tray and push it outwards. The only significant sacrifices you need to make will be losing motor on your intake, assuming a 4 motor base and 2 motor lift.


Is there a way to do it without the tipper?

There are, but it will make it very front heavy


Can’t you make a tipper and intake work with the same two motors like the itz mobile goal lifts connected to the drive.

Would you like to elaborate please?

The way to do it w/o a tipper is to have the intake sat vertically at the front of the robot and ahead of the front wheels in order to reach the stacking zones.

Technically you could, but both mechanisms need to rotate backwards and forwards making it harder to have simple transmissions up there. Now having a gear train like that adds no bonus to the robot besides increasing the power of both systems (albeit a very nice bonus) as with or without using a transmission you still need 4 different outputs making it impossible with only one motor.

Continuation: if you wanted to link the systems in that way you would sacrifice valuable space, presumably below your intake. The easiest way to make the system save space would be to make the gears inline with your tray, as in the axles are perpendicular to the front of the tray. Doing this would still require 90 degree angles in one or 2 spots for the roller axles and maybe even universal joints for a more flexible intake.

The tipper gets complicated once you factor it in to the transmission, mostly hinged off of how you will tilt and bring out the tray with one motor in a single movement. The motor must be positioned on the tray as opposed to the top of the DR4B. Making a less efficient tray design due to weight but, assuming a higher capacity tray the extra weight of the motor will be negligible. The tilter will also be gear down, with 2 motors probably 1:3 or 1:5, maybe even 1:7 with a higher capacity tray. The tipping could be done with a modified 4 bar, or chain bar. Space efficient designs will be hard with those types of bars, but doable. You would need to link the 2 motors together for when they spin together and move the bars and then have one linked output lifting bar that would either be the powered bar for the 4 bay or the single chain bar.

This would be far from a simple designs, but t is doable


The Hawaii Signature event has robots with a tray stacker that is on a RD4B, and the design is incredibly competitive as what I have seen. In my opinion you should watch the event and look out for these type of robots, you may be suprised yourself by the simplicity yet speed of the design.
Edit//: https://www.twitch.tv/the_xayah

How can I watch it ?

What is the name of the robot? Like what number combination

The Hawaii event was live yesterday and it will be live later on today. If you’re in Texas Hawaii is 5 hours behind us (Its 7:40 there compared to our 12:40 here).
4142B is the team I believe I am talking about
(team info I got from 285 and 20785 via discord)

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Yes, I was talking about the transmission idea from @James6555 not the regular design concept alone. That design (not w/ transmission) is what I am going for actually. I was aware of the stream but forgot about it today, thanks for the heads up lol.

Edit: oh snap it’s 1st seed. My design actually might be meta :eyes:

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There is another thread that describes different possible combinations for this kind of robot in case you were curious, it’s called “dr4b vs tray stacker” , but it’s time this design got its own thread.

If you are talking to me I am well aware of this thread. Ive read all the comments of it but dont exactly remember much talk about different DR4B tray designs. I might have to remind myself what was on it

No, I was just generally replying to this thread because I partook in some good conversation/debate (in the other thread) on how this combo style robot should be made (since I have made one). It’s in the earlier part of the other thread.

Ok thanks for that clarification I didn’t entirely understand what it was directed to