Hey people we would like tips on a DR4b because our arm doesn’t work.

It would be easier to give pointers for your lift with pictures

Ok we will publish a picture soon today.


A side picture might help as well.
However, I would recommend you start with something simpler like a chain bar. It looks like you have many problems with your DR4B and that is why it isn’t usually easy for beginner teams. However if you want to stick with a DR4B, you need to get rid of all your extra axle space. Also, you shouldn’t need that many gears, I bet your lift has a lot of slop with all the extra gears (among other things). Also, the gears need to be the same size for the lift to work correctly. Also, using 5 wide c-channel everywhere makes your robot pretty heavy I’d assume, try using some 2 wide c-channel and using aluminum.

Ok thank you and we do have many problems it will not lift well and the gears work some times.

Send a pic from the side, and I can help more

K and thanks for your help pictures are posting

If possible, a video would help as well.

I do agree with Easton though, a DR4B is a very hard thing to accomplish without any past experience in vex. By starting simple, you can learn a lot of good lessons that will help you accomplish more sophisticated designs.

IMG-2685.JPG IMG-2686.JPG

Thank you for your help and maybe we can post a video tommaorw but thanks for your help.

try adding some bearings to all the axels on the DR4B. That should help if you are having trouble with skipping gears.

Ok so since your robot is powered from the bottom of the towers, you only need 4 gears, total, on the middle section of your lift. All of those extra gears add some weight and are not needed. Also, your rubber banding could use some improvement, try making the triangle bigger and experiment with a little better triangular shape. Also, as I said earlier, try to eliminate all the extra axle space, because that makes gears skip.

Thank you we will try the ruber band things. Do you have any more tips?

Take it off. There are too many gears and like Easton said just do a chain bar. Or better yet, make a mobile goal robot.

Well try adding some X bracing, because you shouldn’t need the plates that you have bent to keep the lift going straight up and down

Two points of contact on the lift.

Make sure your bracing is solid, especially at the base. This could lead to problems higher up so I would try to fix that first. It also looks like some of your c channel is bending, mostly due to the lack of bracing. I would also recommend reducing the number of gears you are currently using as Easton mentioned above. Lock bars can be used instead of gears on the lift to reduce weight on the lift. Possibly second most importantly, try to use screw joints whenever possible. They greatly reduce slop compared to drive shafts.

Thanks for your tips we we will try all of them soon but to do all of those things we will need alot of time but we have a compation on saturday so im not sure if we will have alot of time.

but we will try them soon.