DR6B and DR6-4B

Hi Everyone. I am looking for inspiration and came across a DR6B, DR4B and a DR4-6B. I am unable to comprehend the difference between these lifts and don’t understand what makes them different. Could anyone explain the differences between these and possibly upload images so I can better understand? Thank you.

DR6B has 6 bars and can generally reach slightly higher and is slightly more complicated to build than the DR4B. DR4B has 4 bars and is less complicated but cannot reach quite as high. If you are using full length C-Channels, you should have sufficient height to do most of the tasks with a DR4B as the DR6B is only marginally better.


since a dr4b and dr6b both have the same arc you can put the 4 bar on the bottom and the 6 bar on the top or vice versa. this will go higher than a rd4b but lower than an rd6b. but like CNguyen425 said, you would really only need a rd4b to do most things in this game.


333A has great tutorial which describes DR4,6,8B lifts:

Also this topic has pictures of various lift types:


Sounds great, thank you!

I appreciate all the help!


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