DR6B vs. Scissor Lift

Pros and cons of a scissor lift and a dr6b (Assuming they have the same max height)?

DR6B will be much easier to lift.


Dr6b is easier to build, more compact, lighter, easier to make more efficient, easier to mount to, and uses less resources.


DR6B will tend to be faster.

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DR6B Pros:

DR6B Cons:
They’re center of mass moves forward as they lift which can make it easier to tip if you have an intake on the front.

Scissor Pros:
They’re center of mass moves backwards as they raise which lowers the risk of tipping if you have an intake on the front.

Scissor Cons:


Scissor lifts are very hard to get right. U have to make sure both sides are going at the same speed, which of tens means one side will have to slow down to the pace of the lagging side, resulting in a slower lift. Also, they can be non-linear if built correctly. They take up a big area on ur chassis. They’re not ideal but they get the job done. On the other hand, dr6b’s have all the pros other ppl mentioned along with there being a lot more resources on how they are built